Establish & optimize operations in multiple verticals  including transportation, telecom service provider domains, inclusive of processes, methods, tools and systems.

We have extensive experience of integrating operational capability with technology,  incorporating customer facing and support functions,  from strategic planning, through implementation,  providing capability for   measurement, and control in  decision support and service management.

Leveraging experience in software design and implementation in custom, open source,  and COTS  products, specialize in assembling   tools and systems into comprehensive solutions, within optimized  processes and business logic for a variety of applications in Mobile, broadband and IP domains.

Based on production realities we  support and design migration processes and automation providing  road-maps and frameworks for transition.

We address the following functions in terms of process, design and system implementation :

-Platform monetization and Opex reduction

-Business & technical modelling & service costing for infrastructure, cloud and virtualization, across multiple stakeholder ecosystems, including mergers and acquisitions, shared network and split/merge scenarios

-Integrated operations automation

-SLA definition and implementation

-Information management, and decision support

-Asset and configuration management

-Service management  and reporting

-Field force and workforce optimization