Business transformation

Building a solid foundation for business execution  through applying enterprise architecture in forming  and executing operational strategy.

We leverage on extensive domain  experience in developing  collaborative strategic & demand based investment objectives,  through pragmatic road-map and transition strategies for tangible benefits realization.

In supporting investment analysis objectives we utilize a  range of discovery and measurement methods including leading edge modelling and analysis systems. These tools allow for  visibility in informed decision making, scenario planning, financial estimation,  forecasting, and operational profitability.

Once objectives are defined, and depending on  buy or sell side context for services, these may  be  respectively translated into  supply-side RFP, or bid offers,  leading into programs which we support through implementing the necessary governance and rigor, while building a persistent  knowledge base, &  working collaboratively as part of the organization.

In doing so we pragmatically  apply structured methods based on PMP, CMMI and ITIL   ensuring a high degree of visibility and accountability in the process, as well as alignment to target goals.

As part of a delivery service we may in addition develop  business operation processes, governance, and program capabilities, leading to and including   IT product and service  supply/demand management.

Understanding that business needs change and that methods are only as good as the benefits they bring, we demonstrate flexibility in adapting to changing conditions based on considerable grass roots  experience in accelerating programs.

In  realizing  IT objectives, we leverage on our design experience   providing innovative business driven solution architecture &  design, IT and software development governance.