Bridge business strategy  and technology  in resource management,  communication  services, and engineering, from concept to revenue generation

Delivering customer value in four continents, we have a track record of  implementing change & transferring technology within local cultural and operational  conditions while maintaining a global perspective

A focus on  people, accountability, efficiently applied to  business requirements, with a lot of subject matter expertise thrown in to the mix ensures things work, permanently

Operational optimization

Building efficient IT operations and decision support  through  integrated  planning, process, people and system automation

We establish operations, implement & tune IT   capabilities  in  revenue bearing and cost related functions

Business architecture & design

Full range of business change, technology  architecture and design activities, proven in delivering business and technical value, across a  variety of organizations and operating models

We provide a comprehensive service within  both sell and buy side ecosystems supporting suppliers in customer facing business development and operating companies in sourcing and acquisition supply and demand

Ranging from concept, building a business case, designing a solution,   engaging  the right partners, all the way to operations, and every step in between

While valuing  action and individuals above process, we emphasize  use of pragmatic method in business development, applying value IT  principles to  architecture, change management, software engineering and quality management(QC),  maintaining structure, efficiency, and accountability

Software design and development

Innovation in design and development, with hands-on  governance and expertise, resulting in  implementation of several  commercial and bespoke systems on behalf of clients,  multiple initiatives in software re-engineering and system reorganization, a long term collaborative R&D and extensive partner network

Specialist areas include operational support systems, generic management and control systems, mobile broadband convergence